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    Strategic Retail Management: Benchmarking

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    Explain why Whole Foods Market is an organization that is worthy of benchmarking.

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    The purpose of benchmarking is to determine the best practices of their competitors. In order to enhance performance and productivity an organization must evaluate current trends and standards of a specific industry to successfully coordinate a strategic action plan for market integration. The Whole Foods brand is a strong competitor and should be carefully evaluated as to what makes the organization so successful. Although there are few locations spread abroad in the U.S. most consumers require natural and healthier options to choose from. Whole Foods is an organization that offers consumers high quality products that are both natural and organic. Other stores may have aisles within the store to accommodate consumers who require organic and natural goods. "Most supermarket chains stocked a selection of natural and organic ...

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    This solution provides a detailed explanation of why a competing supermarket organization might want to benchmark Whole Foods Market in order to learn their strong and weak points to strategically position their organization accordingly. Additionally, this solution includes two reference sources.