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    Benchmarking and Strategic Planning

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    In order to improve processes quality, management keeps records and evaluates processes based on these records.

    This type of recordkeeping is considered benchmarking. Benchmarking allows an organization to analyze variances for different types of processes. Benchmarking can also be used to improve in a continual improvement process.

    In this discussion, explore how benchmarking can be used for strategic planning.

    Respond to the following:

    • How can benchmarking be used as part of a process improvement procedure in strategic planning?
    • What are the disadvantages of benchmarking?
    • Would benchmarking work in all types of organizations? Why or why not?
    • How would you explain to workers who were resistant to engaging in benchmarking that their assistance and inputs are needed for the benchmarking effort to be successful?
    • Do you believe that benchmarking can lead to a competitive advantage for the organization, or does benchmarking simply allow an organization to "catch up" to the organization's competition?
    • Select an organization. Select a process in which selected organization engages on a regular basis.

    Describe a company that would be considered a "leader" in the business process that you have selected. How can your chosen organization learn from the leader in this business process and improve its own performance on the process that you selected?

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    Benchmarking sets standards for the best performance that are very useful to determine the effectiveness of applied strategies and plans in strategic planning. This response explain what is benchmarking, how it useful in strategic planning, what are the disadvantages of it. Also, it is discussed whether benchmarking can lead to a competitive advantage for the organization.