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Insurance Marketing and Distribution

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As mentioned earlier, Peoples Bank, based in Connecticut, uses its web site as a key channel for reaching individuals, business customers, and prospects. Not only can customers e-mail the bank with questions, they can click on a link to have a bank representative call them with further information or choose another link if they want to chat online. In addition, prospects can open new accounts online, print out and fax account applications, and even order printed checks with a few keystrokes. Now the company has expanded its financial services offerings by adding insurance products for consumers and businesses.

Visit the Peoples Web site (www.peoples.com). After looking at the home page, follow the link to read about Online Services and click for a demonstration of People's Online. Next, follow the Insurance link and dig deeper by clicking on Auto, Home, and Other Personal Insurance.

- What role is Peoples.com playing in the distribution of these insurance products?
- What is the length of the channel the bank uses to distribute its own checking account products?
- How would you describe the channel positioning of People's Bank?
- What is People's unique selling proposition (USP) or unique value proposition?

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In about 310 words, this solution provides a discussion on Peoples Bank in marketing the insurance products it offers and its distribution channels.

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What role is Peoples.com playing in the distribution of these insurance products?

People's Bank sells life, long term, business, and auto, home and personal insurances and provides insurance services to its customers with its subsidiary R.C. Knox a Connecticut-based insurance agency which has a broad array of distribution channels. In the wake of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, the firm also acquired some smaller insurance companies to form the Peoples Insurance Agency. The bank is currently evaluating whether the demand is ...

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