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Communications and Marketing

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To deliver an effective media plan, you need to tell and present a consistent story. To ensure consistency across the organization, you need to create a communications guide or handbook. The organization's staff will need to be trained on using the handbook, and management must endorse and enforce it.

The answer I need to provide must include:
Guidelines for sales promotion items (coupons, premiums, hats, clocks, cups, etc.)
Guidelines for call center automatic answer and staff answer
Guidelines for press releases
Any other pertinent information that would be useful to staff.

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Solution Summary

The solution explains how to create a communications guide, a media plan, and a marketing manual.

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You need to create a communications guide to complete this assignment. Here are the steps to doing that:

1. Identify Stakeholder Groups

Who are the people that are going to read or reference the guide? The assignment indicates that it is the organization's staff, so the first thing you should do is make a mission statement and introduction for the guide. Talk about what the guide will cover and what people who read it should get out of it. Break the guide down into easy to navigate sections by including a table of contents or reference list.

2. Identify Information Needs

Each of the stakeholder groups (managers, staff, customers) have their own needs. Staff need to know how to do xyz, managers need to know abc, and customers want to know efg. Write a sentence or two on each of these areas:

a) the key benefits for each group
b) the concerns or needs of each group
c) the areas of communication each group should be involved in

3. Discuss guidelines for sales ...

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