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Factors affecting marketing

You are the marketing manager for a leading coffee chain. Your company has made the decision to expand internationally, specifically into China. What are some of the environmental factors that you will need to consider in marketing your coffee in China? Which of one of these factors would have the largest impact on the company's

The foundation of marketing

1. Describe the decision process you might go through if you were attempting to determine appropriate distribution channel for one of the following. shotguns for hunters, b. women's lingeria, c. telephone systems for small businesses, d. toy trucks for 2-year olds. 2. Contact a local retailer you patronize and ask the store ma

Marketing and the Health Care System

What major changes will take place in the health care industry over the next 25 years and how the marketing of health care will differ as a result of those changes (include examples to support the response).

American Health Care System

What is the single most significant weakness of the American health care system and from a marketing perspective, what can be done to address that weakness?

Marketing: Distribution Channels, Promotional Strategies and Noise Marketing

1. What is a distribution channel? What is the relationship between channels of distribution and logistics? How does geographical location affect your selection of distribution channels? 2. What are the similarities and differences between promotional push strategies and promotional pull strategies? What is an example of a si

Two-part discussion question addressing the buying decision process and pricing policies. The solution utilizes three examples in addressing these topics and is about 300 words long.

1.Discuss how value consciousness, price consciousness, and prestige sensitivity influence the buying decision process fo A. buying buying a new house, B.weekly groceries for a family of five. 2. Professional pricing is used by people who have great skill in a particular field, such as doctors. lawyers, and business consultan

general internet marketing and marketing research questions

1. Online Marketing resources enhance internal company communications by? -Letting employees say what they want, when they want anonymity -Completly eliminating the need for face to face meetings -introducing humor through cartoons and jokes -Bringing back the art of correspondence 2. The essence of buyer benefits for a p

Marketing Capabilities and Marketing Resources

How can the internal components or capabilities of an organization help or hinder the marketing activities? What can get in the way and what can be a boon to a marketing effort? What are some potential ways to overcome these barriers?

Counter trade schemes as a marketing weapon to generate export revenue

How might a company make strategic use of countertrade schemes as a marketing weapon to generate export revenue? Is Starbucks coffee addicted in other countries just like in the US? Do other countries children drink Starbucks coffee like the US children. What age do they start drinking coffee overseas?

To hire or not to hire fat Cindy

You have been taking phone applications for counter positions in your doughnut shop. One applicant, Cindy, is very well spoken and polite. You tell Cindy to come in after lunch when you will be in the shop. At 1:30 p.m., a car pulls up and a gigantic young woman gets out. She comes in and introduces herself as Cindy. She is so n

Can a T-shirt Save the World?

When Oprah and Bono walked down Chicago's Magnificent Mile together in the fall of 2006, it was the shopping trip seen around the world. The famous duo attracted mobs of fans and extensive media coverage as they promoted a revolutionary new cause-marketing event called Product (RED). Bono urged people to buy (RED) products, expl

Bounded Rationality

What is "bounded rationality"? Arthur suggests that decision makers conceive and nurture an "ecology of focal predictors" to deal with complexity of the unknown. Explain Arthur's ideas using the following scenario: Forecast the Dow Jones Average for the close of market trading on this day in one year from the current date. Would

Consumer socialization of children

Within the context of consumer socialization of children, adult consumer socialization and intergenerational socialization how do you supposethat the increased at-home viewing of movies on DVD will impact the typical american family? Can you help me with evaluating possible methods of measuring cultural impact on consumer beh

Student Surveys

I need your opinion on the following: The University provides a student survey to learn the students' thoughts and opinions of the instructor, the textbook, and the overall learning experience. Your instructor sends an e-mail to the class explaining that you (all class members) will be asked to complete a survey about the cla

Interviewer Research Bias

In your opinion is it possible for a researcher to bias a respondent's answer in the way the question is worded? Also, Is it possible for a researcher (interviewer) to bias a respondent's answer by the manner of delivery?

Marketing Evaluation for Sweetbay Supermarket

If you are an advertising agency and you have been approached by Sweetbay Supermarket, which was Kash n' Karry (a 104 store Florida chain), to refresh their marketing message, what would you do? They tell you that they are #3 in the Florida market behind Publix (large market share, good customer service), and Wal Mart (low, low

Survey Participation for an Interviewer

Have you ever participated as a respondent in a survey either online, face-to-face or on the telephone? Were you cooperative or were you impatient and unfriendly with the interviewer? Did you understand the purpose of this research?

International Marketing - Pricing

Can a product be priced differently for different buyers? Why or why not? What influence do governmental regulations and policies have on a company's international pricing structure?

Global Marketing

Which environmental forces ( sociocultural, economic, political/ legal/ regulatory, ethical, competitive, or technological) might a marketer need to consider when marketing the following products in the international market-place, and why? a. Barbie dolls b. Beer c. Financial services

International Marketing - High and Low Context Culture

The following questions are from a marketing standpoint: 1. What forms of research would you employ when working with a "High Context" culture? 2. What forms of research would you employ when working with a "Low Context" culture? Thanks!

Foundations of Marketing

Which environmental forces (socialcultural, economic, political/legal/regulatatory, ethical, competitive, or technological) might a marketer need to consider when marketing the following products in the international market-place? - Barbie dolls - Beer - Financial services - Television sets

AIDA Model

Consider a major purchase you have made recently. Using the AIDA model, think back on the process that led to your purchase and reconstruct the types of promotion that you experienced during each stage of the AIDA model. Which of the promotional forms was most effective in your situation, and why?

Creating the Brand Phenomenon

I need some help getting started on the following questions: From doing some Internet research; answer the following questions related to Starbucks. a) What has Starbucks done to create the brand phenomenon? b) From a marketing perspective, what is Starbucks doing to survive in difficult economic times? c) How will thi