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Marketing in the Social Media

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Social media has become a popular method for marketers to communicate their message and establish marketing communities. What are some of the major challenges marketers face in using this method? In your opinion, do the benefits outweigh the risks? What are some of the ethical considerations of using social media in marketing?

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Challenges marketers face are in every media form. This response will address those involved in social media as well as risks and benifits. Another challenge in all media forms are ethical considerations, they are a bit more complex in social media and this too shall be addressed.

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One major challenge that faces marketers in today's social media is of course choosing the appropriate media, at one time we were familiar with facebook and twitter and this has increased and is ever evolving. With that said you have some basic problems to confront such as understanding and knowing how and when to adjust your strategy in social media in order to accommodate growth. Simply put you have basically an inability to scale.

Another challenge is maintain control and security; you have to have an ability to manage this across large numbers of ...

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