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    Marketing of Different Product Categories

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    Consider the three major categories of new products: classically innovative products (ones that create new categories), new category entries, and line extensions. How does the job of the marketing manager differ for these three kinds of new products?

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    The role of marketing manager in these three major categories of the product are as follows:

    I. Classically Innovative Products (ones that create new categories) - An example of this could be an Apple i-Pad (Tablet PCs):

    In such case, the role of Marketing Manager is to:

    1. The major aim of the Marketing Manager in this case is to create awareness about the product category and its utility in the market and create demand for the product. Innovation Adoption is a major task for the marketer in such product categories.

    2. The Marketing Manager needs to manage the high decibel advertising campaign to create awareness.

    3. The Marketing Manager needs to identify the market segments which the company can tap with the new product category.

    4. The Marketing Manager needs to establish the brand name of the product in the new category and create a high level of brand association with the category as has been done by Apple where i-Pad has create a high brand association with tablet PCs and the first name which is evident from the following fact: Although the tablet ...

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