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Fails, Flops, and Other Global Marketing Foolishness

The global marketplace is full of examples of companies and marketers who misunderstood the countries in which they tried to trade. From simple things like proper names and labels (see www.engrish.com for amusing examples) to completely ignoring local conditions, marketers have tried it all. Search the Web to find examples of "how not to do it" when it comes to global marketing. Share the URL, your condensed version of the story, and what you think went wrong. .

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Marketing failures as a result of ignoring local conditions have been folklore among marketing circles. Here are some examples:

Clairol Mist, a popular curling iron in America, was introduced in Germany. However, when the hair product company investigated, it discovered "mist" means "manure" in German, thus explaining the poor sales. Other companies have also suffered similar translation problems with the word "mist" in Germany, including Rolls Royce, who changed the company's car name from Silver Mist to Silver Shadow, and the liquor product Irish Mist. (http://www.businessnewsdaily.com/2340-lost-translation-7-international-marketing-mishaps.html). In each case, the companies failed to consider the translation of the name and its' ...

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This solution gives examples of companies who misunderstood the country in which they were operating and entered the marketplace with offensive or otherwise bad marketing. Includes APA references.