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    Design of a synchronous machine

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    Design a clocked synchronous state machine with state/output table shown in the file, using D Flip-flops
    Use state variables Q0,Q1,Q2 with state assignment A=000 B=001 C=010 D=011 E=100 F=101
    Use Don't care to minimize the circuit where appropriate. Develop excitation and output equations. Draw the states diagram. Draw the circuit.
    Is this a Mealy or Moore system?

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    The bubble diagram is as follows:

    Note that we have to account for the behavior of the system if it might find itself in an undefined state (110) or (111). In this case, regardless of the input, we must make sure that the next state will be a defined state. So here we arbitrarily chose that in such an occurrence, the system will reset to (000) and the output can be either 1 or 0 ("Don't Care").

    We want to build the system with D-Flip Flops.
    D flip flop next state is the input to the flip flop.
    Hence, in the truth table, the flip-flops ...

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    The 8 pages solution shows how to design the binary circuit from the initial truth tables all the way to the actual Flip-Flop design.