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    Strategic marketing - WalMart

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    Firm - WalMart

    This week you will continue working on your marketing plan. Marketing Plan Pro software will be used to complete this assignment. You should save your project and submit it to the assignments area of the Blackboard classroom with the following components of the project completed.

    Complete these sections under Tasks in the Marketing Plan Pro software:

    Finish and Polish
    This section should consist of:
    Finish and Polish:
    This section includes important key summaries and packaging details that the firm should address, especially if this plan will be read by outsiders. It includes the following sections; Strategy and Implementation Summary, Review Milestones, Executive Summary, Create Cover Page, Complete Legal Page, and Plan Review.

    The marketing plan and all of its components will also be graded according to the following criteria:

    Marketing Plan should all be graded in the same manner and based on the same criteria. The rationale provided for including or excluding a marketing metric from your Plan is logical.
    Numerical examples will be assessed using the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-sensitive) criteria.

    For any for-profit firm the Margin on Sales should be included and the increase should be stated in either dollars or a percentage of increase over a specified period of time such as a quarter or year.
    For financial projections, logical assumptions must be included for the increases/decreases.

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    // In this paper, there will be a discussion about the marketing plan for the company Wal-Mart. This paper would provide a discussion of various strategies that should be adopted by the company for the purpose of marketing its products and services. Along with this, it will also discuss the objectives of the company about the market in which its will sell its products. This marketing plan will provide details about the current business operations of the company and the potential business it aims at working upon. //

    Wal-Mart is known as one of the largest retailers. The company operates with 4300 stores and facilities in the US by providing varieties of services, which includes retail goods, pharmacy, financial, wireless and photo lab service (Duke, 2012). The company has represented enormous growth, and has adopted several strategies for adding value for its customers, shareholders, communities and associates all over the world. The company aims at providing consumers with goods at cheapest rates and also facilitates attractive offers and discounts. This has resulted in an upward flow in revenues and sales of the company.

    // In this section there will be a discussion about the reasons for developing a marketing plan and strategies adopted by companies in implementing it. There will also be a discussion of the future objectives of the ...

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