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Strategic Initiative

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In the attached document, identify a strategic initiative discussed in the organization's annual report and answer the following questions in approximately 400 words (an idea would be the closing of their German and Korean operations)
1) How will this strategic initiative impact sales?
2) Describe how these risks which are associated with the initiative and the financial impact these risks may have.

Please cite any references.

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One of the strategic initiatives that WalMart has discussed in their annual report is the $4 generic prescription drugs. Even in 2003, prescription drug prices were a problem. "Skyrocketing public health costs are bankrupting individual Americans and posing serious challenges to city, state, and federal budgets" (Snow, 2003). This is true now in 2008. There are many drug subsidy programs out there but individuals must qualify financially for assistance and many do not meet the requirements. This was the rationale behind the $4 monthly supply of prescription medication on over 400 generic medications at WalMart.
How will this strategic initiative impact sales for WalMart? It ...

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