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    Sports marketing and sports consumers

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    How does the definition of sports marketing relate to the three distinct types of sports consumers? Explain in detail.

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    Sports marketing is basically defined as marketing products through the sponsorship of sporting events, teams or equipment for sporting events. Sports marketing goals are not unlike that of any form of marketing in that you want to meet consumer needs while still achieving the organizations goals and objectives.

    Now as far as the three types of sports consumers there are:

    1. The spectator as the consumer better known as the fan.
    2. The participant as the consumer or as they may more commonly be referred to as athletes or coaches.
    3. Finally you have the sponsor as the consumer and this would basically be the sports firms.

    But the question is how these consumers relate to the definition. Let's start with the easiest, the fan. The common denominator between sports marketing and the fan would certainly be meeting the organizations goal by producing ...

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