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Strategies for Promoting New Products

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Please help me to start a marketing paper discussing how I would market a new sports drink in a container designed to keep it cold for up to six hours. The container is unique and should set it apart from other sports drinks on the market.
Who should I be marketing to and what marketing strategies should I employ?

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Printed materials and television commercials are excellent promotions tools, for targeting the
general population. They will reach many different market segments at the same time, often making
them cost effective methods for introducing new products, like the sports drink in stay-cold packaging.
However, some segments will not be interested in the product or the message. Those segments will
simply tune out the message on television or in print. New product introduction and promotion should
target applicable market segments at the same time, with a more personalized message. Market
segments like campers and outdoor enthusiasts, professional athletes, and amateur athletes, are likely
to come in contact with new products in very different places. Campers and outdoor enthusiasts may
be exposed to new products in ...

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The discussion focuses on further methods for promoting new products, where target segments may be limited. The focus is on social media and expansion of demonstration videos.