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Marketing: The final (P) Promotion for Cabela

Submit an analysis for the final P (promotion) for the Cabela's tents and sleeping bags. The analysis should cover all the aspects related to promoting these products, to the customer, as well as to other promotional audiences:

What is the communication strategy?
What are the communication channels/media?
Who represents the product?
What is the sales approach?
What examples of sales techniques can you provide?
Include in your analysis an evaluation of their promotion strategy:
What works?
How could they improve?

All material need to be cited throughout the paper and referenced in APA format.

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The success of a company's product in the market is not just based on attractive prices but based on how effectively the benefits of the product or service can be communicated to the market that is being targeted. This is usually done through the use of effective promotional strategies that strongly impact the target market. The ability of company's to properly communicate the value of their products to their target market through various promotional strategies such as advertisements, public relations, sales promotions, or personal selling, and using these strategies in the right mix determines the impact that the product will have on the company's bottom-line (Norazah, 2008). This paper analyzes the promotional strategies and mix employed by Cabela's Incorporate in promoting their tents and sleeping bags to their target audience.

Company profile

Cabela's Incorporated is a company founded in 1961 and headquartered in Sidney Nebraska. The company is a specialty retailer and direct marketer of camping, fishing, hunting and outdoor related merchandise. As at June 2011, the company had thirty three stores in Canada and United States and offers a wide portfolio of products such as equipment and merchandise for marine use, fishing, hunting and camping, as well as outdoor and casual footwear and apparel, optics, home furnishings, gifts, and vehicle accessories. The outdoor camping merchandise includes the tents and sleeping bags among other products. The company offers its products through various channels which include retail stores, internet, catalogs, and inbound telemarketing (Cabela's, 2011; Yahoo Finance: Cabela's Inc., 2011).

Cabela's tents and sleeping bags promotional strategies

Promotional strategies often involve the various aspects of marketing communication on the information of products and their benefits with the aim of getting a ...

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