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    Marketing Mix Presentation for a New Beer

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    Create a presentation introducing a new beer product.

    You will write a presentation that includes:

    1.Situation analysis: List the PEST and SWOT factors, as well as your analysis, that are significant to your marketing mix and target market decisions.
    2.Target market segment(s): Describe your target market (s).Why did you choose these markets and what was your reasoning for selecting these instead of others?
    3.Product positioning and value statement: Why were these statements selected and how do they relate to the promotion message?
    4.Final design of marketing mix including:
    Product description: What are the attributes and differentiating benefits of the product; why did you choose these attributes
    Pricing strategy with sales forecast, demand estimate and break-even volume analysis: What pricing method was selected, what price and how did you arrive at these decisions.
    Distribution Plan: Where do you intend to distribute and what are the factors that influenced your decision?
    Promotion Plan with budget: Identify the media you'll use to promote your product and why you selected those and your promotion budget. Explain how your promotion objectives help to achieve the sales forecast.
    Note: There should be a visual image as part of your presentation that shows how these all fit together.

    36 slides

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