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Marketing Plan Outline for Stout Beer

Select a product or service you would like to introduce to the marketplace. It may be a product or service from an existing company or a new concept.

Prepare an outline of a marketing plan for your selected product/service.(Stout Beer) Include the following elements in your outline:

* A brief description of the product/service being offered.
* An analysis of the market in which the product/service will be offered.
1. Size and demographics of the markets
2. Potential competitors ( if any )
* An analysis of the marketing strategies that will be used for the introduction of the product/service.
1. Pricing
2. Promotion
3. Distribution
4. Sales support

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A stout beer is characterized as the dark, at times bitter beer, which was produced commercially in the 1730s. The primary stouts were basically from Ireland, where Guinness is linked with the production of most accepted stout. At present, the situation is such that when one refers to the stout beer, it is assumed that it's Guinness. Guinness is well known for the production and the marketing of stout beer (Murphy's Irish Stout, 2002).

Stout beer comprises of various types of barley and diverse types of malt. Apart from this, it also contains variants that are made from oatmeal. These ingredients are used to produce sweet beer. Huge varieties are available that produce stout beer and are differentiated through several classifications. The most well known variety among the stouts is the Irish stout beer, its primary manufacturer being the Guinness (Soloman, 2003).

This type of stout beer is also called a dry stout. Stout beer is available in different flavors. 'Mackeson XXX Stout' is a sweet and incredibly silky beer with a meek light brown head and an extended iced mocha coffee with slight touch of roasted taste. Another variety is from Boonville i.e. Anderson Valley Barley Flats Oatmeal Stout. Stout from McAuslan Brewing Company called St. Ambroise Oatmeal from Montreal contains a short-term brown head, obscure iced-coffee color and malted milk, which is bitter and cappuccino taste rested on a light to medium body. The thinner and less composite stout in comparison to the other stouts is Sierra Nevada Stout. It has a very different taste of the burnt coffee with a noticeable bitterness and an unusual fragrance of grapefruit peelings. The complex and the grave stout is Oatmeal Stout of Samuel Smith. It is also characterized by the presence of less dramatic and striking smell.

Market analysis is defined as the recognized study of a Market. This study can be used to organize the activities of the firm in planning and making the decision. These decisions are taken in respect of the inventory, expansion of facility, purchase and expansion of work force, promotional activities and capital equipment purchases related to a company. The paper below describes the Major market segments and the forces that are disturbing the demand and supply of stout beer.

In the USA, the market for the stout beer shows huge opportunities. The people in the USA prefer tasty, stylish and thirst quencher beer and the stout beer is capable of fulfilling the required demands of the customers. Stout beer like Mackeson XXX has been made keeping in mind the people, who are not fond of the beer and are associated with the hot chocolate and a marshmallow. Stout beer should be prepared in such a manner that its likeability and the drink ability among the customer increases. Stout Beer is targeted at the younger generations.

The most preferable stout beer amongst the people of America is one, which has the simple taste and can be consumed directly. For this purpose, the Anderson Valley Barley Flats Oatmeal ...

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