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    Microbreweries and Micromarketing

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    Several years ago, a brewing company led a charge of microbreweries in an attack on the established brewers' domestic beers. Explain and describe the following in your report:
    â?¢What is micromarketing?
    â?¢How might it have been used by microbreweries?
    â?¢What communications channels would be most effective?
    â?¢Evaluate the strategy.
    â?¢Evaluate the message.
    â?¢Do you think this type of marketing strategy is ethical? At what point is something not ethical?

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    Micromarketing includes both individual marketing, which is also known as one-to-one marketing and local marketing. It focuses on segmenting the market geographically. In this manner a firm might sell specific beers in different regions of the United States. Perhaps "Rocky's Best" in the West, and "Quitin' Time" in the Northeast. It might have demographic segmentation, offering beer to consumers based on sex, age, ethnicity, income, occupation, education, or social class. In this way, a beer wanting to offer great value to middle-aged, working Latino men, with a household income of $30-45,000/year, might come up with a name like "Cerveza Helada," and use masculine packaging, advertisements, and promotions. Micromarketers also use geodemographic segmentation to market to people within a certain area that are similar- in the case of beer perhaps young, trendy, urban singles. Another way to segment for micromarketing is through benefit segmentation. In the case of beer drinkers might be looking a higher quality, handcrafted beer to give extra value and panache to their lifestyle.

    Resonance marketing is also used, in which consumers pay a premium to get a product- such as beer- that resonates and expresses themselves to others through the marketing plan of the company. Typically ...

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