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Target and Mass Marketing

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Do you believe the craft beer target markets are better served with a Niche Market Strategy or a Mass-Market Strategy.

Why or why not?

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I believe that the craft beer target markets are better served as a Mass-Market Strategy. This is because they want to get everyone drinking because it looks so glamorous. Everyone desires to have beer each time they see the commercial because of how wonderful it looks, and how good it tastes. The ultimate goal is to get everyone drinking because of how much fun it is to hang out with friends, or to do it in the comfort of ones home. When using the Mass-Market Strategy, all people are reached, and not a select few as seen with Niche Marketing. Niche Marketing is focusing in on one specific group, but with Mass-Marketing everyone is aware of it, and has an opportunity to buy the product at hand. For example, every year during the Super Bowl, Bud Light and many others put on a 30 second spot of how wonderful their beer is, and in fact at times it is quite humorous.

In fact, this is a perfect time in which to advertise this because people all over the U.S. are watching, and most likely drinking beer. When they see their beer advertised, or ...

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