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    Value of Mass Marketing in the Modern World

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    Mass marketing is a valuable tool to businesses and a viable way to build a profitable brand. Many companies rely heavily on modern marketing techniques such as social media, which is one way that mass marketing can increase specific brands profitability. Once a brand becomes socially acceptable, for instance a popular shoe brand, the company can use mass marketing to show off a new product to the world. Companies are consistently using mass marketing techniques to advertise new products or how their company is better than the competitor. "These broader target markets include more people and have greater potential return on investment from marketing activities" (Romaniuk, 2012).

    By pushing harder into mass marketing, the internet plays a valuable role in companies pushing their products to as many people around the world as possible. After all, the internet is the easiest and most profitable way for companies, to include companies that are just starting up so why not take advantage of it. "Some of the fastest-growing sources of information flow are the social-networking sites whose most visible-and powerful-presences include Facebook and Twitter" (Micu, Dedeker, Lewis, Moran, Netzer, Plummer, & Rubinson, 2011). Mass marketing through social media, bill boards, news papers, and magazines are just some ways that a company can increase profits and also move closer to the dream of being a Fortune 500 company.

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    Mass marketing is not dead. While social media is an economical method to reach a wide number of customers organizations still must carefully craft their marketing messages to gain traction. It is difficult for brands to become socially acceptable, as the poster suggests. This ...

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