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Role of marketing & advertising in business and society

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1. Marketing and advertising form the core of all business activities. They determine what products the customers want and need and how to deliver, price, and promote those products.

In your opinion, what will happen if marketing and advertising are outlawed and made illegal? How will this impact the society we live in? In your responses, discuss the societal role of marketing and the value it provides to society.

2. How does the global economy of the twenty-first century differ from that of the early twentieth century? What are the major factors driving these changes? Discuss at least three changes and their drivers

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Q. 1

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1. The economic, commercial and technological development that we have seen since industrial revolution was not possible without the use of marketing and advertising activities. Mass production and distribution of goods and services was impossible without marketing and that would have challenged the financial viability of many industrial projects.

2. Introduction of new technologies and products is not possible without marketing and advertising. If newly developed products are not produced on a large scale their cost cannot reduced for commercialization. Marketing initiatives enable companies to produce and market new products on a large scale, which in turn makes these products affordable for larger group of customers. We have seen many examples of such products, cell phones, laptops and internet service are few ...

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Marketing and advertising play a critical role in the growth and development of business, economy and society in general. In the absence of these important business activities we could not imagine the technological and economic development that we have seen over the past five decades. In this solution you will find out how marketing and advertising contribute in business and economic developments and what are the major drivers of change in the current environment.

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All of the articles are edited by marketing professionals to ensure quality information dissemination. Stories are added several times per week and cover a wide array of marketing topics. The stories are sorted by category. On the main page click on "Discussions" and then "Controversy in Ads" to access stories that will assist you with this assignment.

Ethics and social responsibility are extremely important in marketing today.

Pick a product or service currently marketed that "bothers" you.

Discuss what you think to be the ethical implications of the product's or service's introduction into the market place.
Discuss what you would do (or change) if you were the marketing manager in charge of that offering.
Discuss whether you think the product should be marketed or not.
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