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    Business marketing ethics

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    Ethics and social responsibility are extremely important in marketing today.

    Pick a product or service currently marketed that "bothers" you.

    Discuss what you think to be the ethical implications of the product's or service's introduction into the market place.
    Discuss what you would do (or change) if you were the marketing manager in charge of that offering.
    Discuss whether you think the product should be marketed or not.
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    //Ethics and social responsibilities have gained significant attention in the advertising process. In this paper, we would like to underline some of the ethical issues involved in the advertising process of the product and services. In order to proceed with the paper like this, first we would like to discuss the importance of ethics and social responsibility in marketing.//

    The concept of marketing is considered to be a social process in which, demands are fulfilled at the cost of creating a value for others. Ethics and social responsibilities have become an integral part of the marketing practices. The concept largely emphasizes on three issues that revolve around consumer satisfaction, company's profit and society's well-being. So, the new phenomenon allows the marketer to be concerned about the environment, society and health aspects of the consumers. In other words, the social responsibility in advertising encourages the marketer to serve varieties of goods and services with the idea of improving the living standards of the society. Ethics in marketing is a sub-set of business ethics that examines the moral issues relating to marketing decisions take by the organizations. Therefore, practicing ethics in marketing means deliberately applying issues of moral rights and wrongs, fair standards in the decision making process of marketing (Foley, 1997).

    It is imperative to for the organizations to market the product in a way that exerts positive impression on the masses by considering their responsibility towards the society. The ethical and social dimensions are emerging as significant issues in the present times. The responsibilities in advertising cover mainly four areas that are economic, legal, ethical and philanthropic responsibilities. So in this way, the marketers include these responsibilities as one of their objectives, along with profit maximization.

    //Now moving further ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1233 words with references.