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What should be the promotional mix AND the advertising mix for Anheiser Busch?

The Situation

NEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- Anheuser-Busch has, in recent years, walked away from a $20 million deal to be Nascar's official beer because it said the money was better spent online; surrendered exclusive beer-sponsor rights with many major sports properties; and sold itself to one of the corporate world's most notorious cost-cutters. Many observers concluded that the brewer's days of shelling out huge sums to lock opponents out of key sports deals were coming to a close. Those observers, it turns out, were wrong.

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This is what I recommend for the promotional and advertising mix for Anheiser Busch. They can use the television, billboards, internet utilizing Google and their own website, radio, and theatres. The goal is to do mass marketing efforts in hopes to make sure that people all around the world are able to buy their products. By doing these things, one is able to reach out to communities that are interested in the beer, or by means of making sure that they are able to get a sale on it in which it is affordable for all of them interested in getting a pack or a single bottle. The company can best get their message across by saying something like, "We are here for you to meet your needs no matter where you are in the world." Anheiser Busch can do utilize oral communication in order to make a sale with a potential buyer. Every customer can have an incentive in the process, such ...

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This solution discusssed what promotional mix and advertising mix is needed for Anheiser Busch.

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