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Strategic Concepts in Marketing

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Using the Internet, television, radios, or a magazine, find a recent ad for a product/service that interests you. Explain how the ad is promoting the product/service. What strategies do you see the company using to make this product/service appear desirable? Is the ad's promotion effective? Reference.

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The expert finds a recent as for a product/service that interests you. How the ad is promoting the product/service is explained.

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I love cupcakes and came across an ad for "Our CupCakery" cupcake bakery in Dublin, Ohio. The page itself jumped out at me, the graphics were eye-catching and the first thing you see is a point-of-sale promotion item: "Home of the "Create your own Cupcake Bar" and the Best Custom Cakes in town!" Obviously this caught my interest and prompted me to find out more about the product.

According to the Small Business Chronicles, there are many promotional strategies for businesses whether large or small; and regardless of whether it is strictly online, brick-and-mortar, or a hybrid. The strategies this company used effectively were:
- ...

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