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Advertising Approaches

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1. This week the common approaches to advertising execution were discussed. Go to YouTube and review some ads that demonstrate any three of the seven different types of media identified, watching for examples of the different execution approaches. Post the links and comment as to which ads do you think were the most effective? Why?

2. You are the Vice President of Sales for a $30 million manufacturer of home building materials. The company employs 50 salespeople around the country to market the company's products to hardware stores and major building contractors. The CEO believes the company needs to cut costs and wants to reduce the sales force by 50%. You have been asked to come in and explain why that is a bad long term strategy for company. Discuss why sales people are critical to the success of the company.

3. You are the marketing manager for the Bowflex Series 7 Treadmills. You believe the product appeals to both men and women. As you develop the marketing strategy, what differences might you consider in the product based on whether a man or woman is buying? What about the marketing communications (message, choice of media)?

4. You are the marketing manager for HP Laptop computers. Identify and briefly discuss the differences between the consumer market for laptops and the business market. Then give an example of each difference using college students as the consumer market and defense-related companies as the business market.

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The following posting discusses the advertising approaches of a company.

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//Advertising is a form of marketing or communicating a message to encourage, manipulate and persuade the targeted audiences. The main aim of advertisement is to promote any commercial goods or services by informing, educating and motivating the public. It will include the common executive approaches that marketers use to attract customers towards their products//.

There are two main concerns associated with the advertisements, such as, how advertiser will appeal to the audience and how they execute their messages. Appeals are the specific ways through which advertisers connect with their targeted audiences. Appeals can be rational, emotional, fearful, musical and humorous, whereas execution is the common format that can be used in certain types of advertising media just as movies including animation, dramas, and documentaries. The most common approach to advertising executions is a comparison, straightforward and informative, demonstration, dramatization or fantasy, slice-of-life, testimonial, and Authoritative and spokesperson. Straight-forward ads focus on the high involved products that are best suited to the new format. Demonstration ads are used to show that how the product can be benefited to the user. Slice-of-life ads are concerned with the situations that show that how a product can help specific people. Dramatizations are like slice-of-life ads; usually include animation and computer graphics (Belch, 2003). The presented coca-cola advertisement adapted slice-of-life and dramatizations approach in order to communicate its message. ...

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