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    Kudler Fine Foods Olive Oil

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    Develop channel and pricing strategies for olives launch, include both domestic and international markets.
    Justify olives (product) of international market. The justification should employ specific data from research conducted. The country is Spain.

    - What is the sustainability of the market?
    - What are the factors that influence your selected market?
    - Trends
    - Size of market
    - Growth rate
    - Profitability

    Kudler Fine Foods (KFF) has planned to launch its product in an international market; however, there are several factors to be considered when a company decides to bolster its profit margin through expansion of its market base. Elements under considered are sustainability of the market, assessing the international market culture, pricing strategies to utilize and inherent business and legal risk factors.

    Kudler Fine Foods is a high quality specialty food store located in San Diego, California. The owner of Kudler Fine Foods has three other stores located in Encinitas, Del Mar, and La Jolla. The stores are known for the best imported and domestic gourmet delights for entertaining, eating, and cooking. The company has been introduced to a tremendous amount of growth and is looking forward to improving operational efficiency, increasing profitability and expanding services through its marketing channel system.

    Kudler Fine Foods has plans to expand its market base to Spain. This international expansion represents potential increase in company profits because Kudler will be marketing and selling olives, a product that is favorable in an environment such as Greece.

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    Here is my feedback if you're considering Spain:

    Spain is the largest single producer of olive oil in the world due to their ability to cultivate olives. Spain produces almost half of the world's supply of olive oil. We don't find a concentration of supply this large with any other country. Therefore, if we're importing out of Spain, we have the ability to use lower cost resources due to the country's ability to produce maximum amounts of olives. The country is heavily stocked with olive orchards. Spain also did feel the effects of the drought, and drought would be an ongoing risk. If a drought wipes out a substantial part of the ...

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