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Case Study: Tchibo

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1.What do you think are Tchibo's intentions with Tchibo ideas?
2.Is Tchibo Ideas a platform that can generate products that will really support performance or will the products mainly sell to a niche?
3.Should Tchibo also use the information and discussions on the platform for general product development? What problems can occur from this?
4. Is Tchibo Ideas a sustainable idea? What should Tchibo do about Tchibo Ideas?


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1. Through Tchibo Ideas, Tchibo wanted to create a platform for users to get their problems solved. Tchibo intended to simplify the daily life of consumers. Tchibo ideas were introduced as a design contest for professional designers to solve everyday problems of consumers. The concept was to link designers to customers via the internet platform with customers bringing their problems and designers designing solutions. As an example Tchibo Ideas helped designers address problem of a customer who did not know where to put keys while she was at gym. The solution was a bottle which had a secret compartment at the bottom where it was possible to store keys and other small things. Hence with the program, Tchibo wanted to go beyond the traditional offering and involve customers in designing products which they wanted to have but were not available in the market.

2. Tchibo Ideas did not change the way company did business, but added freshness. It was not replacing the traditional product development ...

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The expert determines what they think Tchibo's intentions with Techibo ideas are. Whether Tchibo ideas a sustainable idea is given.