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The Case Study Design as Used in Psychology

There are many methods available for conducting research, one of which is a case study. I need to learn how to conduct and complete a case study.

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With a case study design, researchers conduct an in-depth study of a "case," which can be a person, an organization, several departments in an organization, a process, a problem, an event, etc. Data collected can be quantitative (numeric), using such sources as administrative records, surveys, or interviews, but is often qualitative (non-numeric, such as words) and collected through focus group, observational, or open-ended interview methodologies. Case studies can stand on their own or be used as a strategy in part of a larger study, but typically, case studies are qualitative or mixed-method (numeric and non-numeric data) studies of one entity. Case study designs are appropriate when researchers need an extremely detailed understanding, often in ...

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This post defines, describes, and provides examples of the case study design as employed by psychologists. Typical uses and advantages and disadvantages of the design are discussed.