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Case Method of Data Collection: Worldviews

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Post an assessment of the alignment between professional and academic worldviews within your doctoral research: Be sure to include the below in the assessment

1. Briefly describe whether your perspective as a qualitative researcher aligns more closely with either Yin or Stake's worldview. Be sure to include illustrative examples of this alignment.
2. Explain your rationale for your choice, including providing at least one scholarly resource to support your rationale.

Support the answers with at least 2 scholarly references.

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My perspective as a qualitative researcher aligns more closely with Stake's world view. My viewpoint is more aligned with Stake's world view because I consider a case to be a specific, complex, functioning thing, and has boundary and workings parts. An illustrative example is that if feel that a case study should be carried out in an organization. Also, even though it has external links the organization has clear boundaries (1). Yin says that ...

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