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    Determining Appropriate Form of Data Collection

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    As an educator, I have a new child at my school who is displaying very unusual and very varied behavior patterns. I would like to do a case study on the child to document the various behaviors as well as to try to help me understand the child's motivations for the behaviors. My data collection will include classroom, lunchroom, and playground observations; interviews with a variety of school personnel (classroom teachers, psychologist, janitor), and a review of the document sent from the last 2 schools this child attended.

    Which form of data collection is likely to produce the most useful data? Why?

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    Of the three forms of data collection listed, only one will be the most effective in securing the most useful data, and that is the first method of observations. Though must information can be ...

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    This solution of 126 words explains which method of data collection is most likely to produce most useful data.