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Classification of Advertising: Types of Advertising for Different Campaigns

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Advertising is used by a wide variety of industries and advertising campaigns tend to achieve different kind of objectives. Advertisers have the option to choose different types of ads for their campaign according to their suitability and effectiveness in different marketing situations. Please discuss what types of advertising can be used for different campaigns.

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Classification of Advertising

Advertising is a key component of a company's marketing communications strategy. Generally advertising is used in combination with other tools of marketing communication in order to achieve marketing goals and objectives. Advertising campaigns are designed for different purposes and intend to achieve different kind of results depending upon the overall marketing strategy and the specific objective of the advertising campaign. Thus advertising campaigns vary significantly according to the type of advertising that they might utilize. Below you will find a brief description of various types of advertisements and what kind of promotional situations they may be suitable for.

1. Product versus Corporate advertising

Product advertising is used to create awareness or promote sales of a specific product or brand. On the other hand corporate advertising is used to create a positive image of a company or organization. Most of the advertising that we see in the media is for products or services which are placed in the market with their own brand identity and usually the company behind them is not known. However, in service industries it is common to find corporate advertising because it is hard to separate service from it's ...

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