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Marketing Messages: Zeitgeist

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Current events frequently make their way into marketing. This concept, called "zeitgeist" - literally, "spirit of the times" - allows marketers to link their products or services to top-of-mind concerns. (For example, during election years, advertising might utilize a campaign theme. During recessionary periods, ads often focus on saving money.) Describe at least two companies which have utilized "zeitgeist" in their marketing. Why is this concept important to marketers?

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One example of zeitgeist is the television commercial for Verizon 4G network, which touts "more is better." This example can be compared to the super sized meal options offered by fast food restaurants or the increasing number of "standard" features on new cars sold at dealerships. The theme is essentially about getting more for one's money. Another company that uses zeitgeist is The Chevrolet commercial during the Super Bowl which depicts humans and a dog living the end of the world, as ...

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