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Zeitgeist: Forecasters sensitization to cultural patterns

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Since it is difficult to recognize the spirit of the times while you are living them, how can forecasters sensitize themselves to cultural patterns?

What product category interactions are indicative of the Zeitgeist?

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I will respond to the question this way. Forecasters can try to hypothesize about future cultural patterns via both information they acquire from primary work (done themselves) or secondarily or information they acquire from other sources. This second methodology is sometimes known as "desk" researching. The research and methods listed above may be done scientifically and unscientifically. They can also be done via quantitative and or qualitative methodologies. The research may be based on historical and or cultural, socio-economic, and or language patterns. It can be based on birth and death rates too. It can be done on just a certain regional section of a country or depending on what they hope are upcoming trends on a grander ...

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