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Decisions in Marketing and Strategic Marketing Audits

Please help developing a response to the following:

Should research always cover both categories and research orientations (quantitative and qualitative) to assure balance of decisions in marketing?

What actions would you take as a senior marketing manager member to assure that strategic marketing audits were implemented correctly?

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This is somewhat of an open question that cuts across multiple industries using similar research techniques. Let's start with the first question, should research be a dual process of quantitative and qualitative actions to improve marketing decisions? I think a good place to start is a discussion of how the quantitative and qualitative sides work together, and when leveraged properly, how they can be very effective in developing sound marketing decisions. Let's consider the following. A survey is often something a quick-service restaurant offers to its customers via a telephone number and code printed on a receipt. The customer is usually told they are entered in a drawing if they participate, or perhaps they are given a discount on their next meal. Whatever the incentive, the type of data collection is ...

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The solution discusses decisions in marketing and strategic marketing audits.