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Marketing Strategy

Customer Value Hierachy

In planning its market offering, the marketer must address the five product levels of the customer value hierarchy. Describe the "customer value hierarchy," and identify the five levels of product contained within. Provide examples.

marketing research proposal

Need to define the topic of flowers purchased from traditional florists vs nontraditional outlets. Price, quality, shelf-life, all should be included. Please describe: - Backgrounds of the study - Research problem - Population and sample method defined - Sampling methodology - Assumptions and limitations - Questionnair

Kaiser Permanente Segmentation

In the Fortenberry text (Table 14-1 on pages 103 to 104) please use at least two of the segmentation variables in chapter 14 to segment the market for a particular product or service at the Kaiser Permanente organization. Please discuss why you chose the segmentation variables you did and discuss the outcome of your analysis

Formulainge an Operations Strategy for a Service Type Business

1. Formulate an operations strategy for a service type business for an Etiquette and Professional Communication Adviser, which employs at least 20 people. 2. Explain how your operations strategy impacts product design and process selection for your business. 3. Determine the key components of supply chain management for your b

Market intelligence methods

Question 1 What are some of the potential hazards a company might face by relying too heavily on distributors, retailers, or other intermediaries for market intelligence? Question 2 a. What may be the five key pieces of information that you would like to find out about from potential clients of the organisation? b. Chose

Business Opportunity for a Selected Industry & Research Market

Select an industry from the following list and develop a business idea for that industry: · Apparel · Food and Beverage · Telecommunications · Home improvement · Technology Research the market trends in that industry. Write a paper in APA format that identifies a

How do you believe Corporate Social Responsibility (or Social Performance) is related to an organization's corporate and marketing strategy AND an organization's financial performance? 2. What do you believe might be good methods/metrics to measure Corporate Social Responsibility? Please provide evidence to support your discussion. 3. Do you feel that an organization's target market(s) will be responsive to an organization's social and cause-related efforts? Why or why not?

1. How do you believe Corporate Social Responsibility (or Social Performance) is related to an organization's corporate and marketing strategy AND an organization's financial performance? 2. What do you believe might be good methods/metrics to measure Corporate Social Responsibility? Please provide evidence to support your d

Segmentation Strategies to Target Potential Consumers

Using an organization and product of your choice, write a paper discussing the major segmentation strategies including demographic, geographic, and psycho-graphic that might be used to identify and target potential consumers for the chosen product. Evaluate each segmentation strategy, and determine which specific strategy (or st

Target Marketing for Hispanic Markets

Read this article about casinos targeting the Hispanic market. Medina, Jennifer. (2011) Casino Town Puts Its Money On Hispanic Market. Notice that targeting this market goes deeper than language. Looking at the background readings for this module, as well as wha

Market Segmentation Pertaining to the Retail Book Market

Let us look at the retail book industry as an example. There are a lot of people who have varying reasons to buy a wide variety of books. Using this industry as an example, divide this market into smaller market segments. Describe at least three of these markets segments. By making some assumptions, describe some characteristics

Evidence of Market Need

Overview of the business and products: Fresh Cafe is in the business of eco-responsible, quick-stop food establishment that provides high quality, healthy whole food to customers in the Central Business district of Los Angeles, and at four other affluent locations in Los Angeles. The customers can enter Fresh Cafe premises and

Global Communications and Advertising Strategy

1. Assume you are developing a global communications strategy for the promotion of a modified or new product or service. What are some things you should consider? Why? 2. Name a global advertising campaign you believe was successful. What made this campaign successful? Name an unsuccessful global advertising campaign. What ma

Develop a plan for ongoing customer relationships

You are the vice president of sales for Apple and for the product iPhone 4, You have been asked to prepare a sales plan for the CEO. You have learned that your product life cycle has changed and is in the maturity phase. Given this fact, write one paragraph including: * Develop a plan for ongoing customer relationships and ev

Marketing Research proposal and short survey

Marketing Research Proposal You do not need to conduct the actual research, collect data or analyze results. You will be writing a proposal only and developing a short survey. Include the following: Background of the study Research problem (possibly decision problem too) Population and sample defined Sam

Marketing Strategy for Apple

Please help me with an assignment by answering the following: Evaluate alternatives Apple Company must consider to realize growth. Identify the best value discipline, generic strategy, and grand strategy for Apple Company. Recommend a strategy or combination of strategies that Apple Company should implement.

Concept Generation in the Toy Industry

You have been called in as a creativity consultant to assist this toy developer. How could new product concepts that would satisfy this developer's wishes be generated?


1. Marcello and Litzenberger felt it was important to conduct this study because _________? (State the relevant background information used to justify their work.) 2. The main purpose of Marcello and Litzenbergerâ??s study was ____________? (State as accurately as possible the purpose for doing the study.) 3. The k

Identifying Market Segments

How does the Honda Corporation define and identify its market segments? What positioning strategy does the Honda Corporation use with those segments?

Integrated Direct And Media Marketing Program Strategy

Describe your integrated direct and media marketing program strategy. Explain how this strategy will be implemented. Include a list of the direct and media marketing components you would recommend using. Provide an example of how you would implement the and media marketing program strategy.

Recommending a Branding Strategy to Attract New Hires

An organization offers a great deal of opportunity and satisfaction, but many potential employees dismiss the career opportunities as too hard, too bureaucratic, too demanding, too easy, too "mickey mouse...".  Examples might be a military or government organization, a large global corporation, or ... you name it. Your job is t

Marketing analysis and research design for 60647

Short presentation highlighting how the consumers in the 60647 zip code differ from those in the Total U.S Part I For the first part of this exercise, download the files from the Census Bureau using the Government data mining tool ( Create a short presentation for the Marketing depar

Public Relations Opportunities

If Dunkin Donuts decided to start a catering service which focuses on catering to businesses. What kind of public relations opportunities would be best for there products and catering services?