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Situational Analysis for a Marketing Plan

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I need help elaborating on a Situational Analysis section of a marketing plan I have the SWOT section but need the following sections:

Market and Industry Definition
Product Sales History
Pervious Performance Vs. Objectives
Market/Customer Analysis
Market Size
Market Growth
Market Potential and Forecast
Market Segments
Consumer Behavior
Competitor Analysis
Competitor Descriptions
Competitor Strategies
Market Shares
Company Analysis

Product Description:

The product of choice is a tablet computer which will have touch screen function. It will recognize handwriting, will have high definition display, will have a wireless mobile browser, and have e-mail and social media devices. The tablet will have messaging, video calling, and speaker-phone functions. It will enable GPS navigation, e-book reading and scanning ability. The tablet will enable the downloading of applications, will have a media player functions and will have a battery life between four and ten hours. The tablet will also have a docking station with full QWERTY keyboard and USB port.
The company is located in Minnesota and has a total workforce of 2,800. The annual production volume will be 1.5 million tablet computers. The company will have a horizontal structure. Each function will have teams between 4 and 16 employees organized around different processes. There will not be a formal leader but the teams will have to designate a person as a leader and that person will interact with the supervisor of the team. The company will have the following functions: production, marketing, research and development, human resources, finance, administration, and strategic planning.

The product will be a wireless tablet cum scanner. The tablet will offer direct interactions with eBooks, videos, and applications. It will also have a web-browser for web surfing and will provide access to a large number of application stores. The scanner in the tablet will optically scan images, printed text, handwriting, or objects and converts it into a digital image. The tablet will support apps provided by most banks for mobile check deposits. In addition, it will support mobile purchase of insurance policies, real estate, and exporting of products produced in the USA. The scanned documents will be sent to the relevant authority in seconds and immediate approval received.
The pricing of the tablet cum scanner will be $159. This is penetration pricing and it is expected that the first year production of 1.5 million tablets will be sold.

The distribution of the tablet will be through national retailers Target stores, Sears, and Wal-Mart. The tablet will be available through several websites such as Amazon.com, Wal-Mart.com, and newegg.com.
The promotion of the tablet will be through internet based advertising, advertising on Facebook, Television advertising, and newspaper advertising. Also there will be write-ups on computer sites on the internet that will describe the tablet. Further, there will be newspaper reviews about the tablet. There will also be a grand launch of the product that will feature rock music stars and the program will have television coverage. Finally, there will be company sales persons at retail outlet where the tablet is being sold who will offer special discounts to customers interested in the tablet.

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Introduction :
The demand for tablet computers is growing. A large number of technology companies are developing and launching their own models. Those companies that launched tablet PCs earlier have developed a second version. The wireless tablet cum scanner will face strong competition, but at that same time will have a fast growing market.

Market and Industry Definition :
The wireless tablet cum scanner will be introduced into the market for computer tablets. The market definition is the computer tablet consumers and firms that buy tablet computers. The industry is the portable computer industry which includes laptops, notebooks, and tablet PC.

Product Sales History :
In 1999 Intel announced a Strong ARM based touch screen tablet computer in 1999 called the WebPAD. In 2000 Microsoft launched the Mircrosoft Tablet PC. The tablet computer market really took off with April 2010 launch of iPad by Apple Inc. The iPad defined the market for tablet computers. Currently there are two types of tablets, the Tablet PCs and the Post-PC tablet.

Previous Performance Vs. Objectives :
The previous performance of tablets is that it is a mobile PC that is operated by touch screen. Tablet PC may be connected to a keyboard with a wireless link or a USB port.
The objectives of the wireless tablet cum scanner are to provide all the functions of the latest tablet computer and to provide the ability to scan documents, convert them to PDF files and transmit them to any destination required. The new wireless tablet cum scanner will be more usable, have a longer battery ...

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