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Creating a Product for Chosen Target Market

Submit a product you want to bring to market. Be sure to describe the product or service, the target market you envision reaching, and the problem your product or service solves for the target market. This should be a problem that is not currently being sufficiently addressed by current solution providers, i.e., your competition.

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Proposed Product: Baby Care for Working Mothers

The Need
For the past decades, there has been an increasing trend towards working mothers. As noted in an online source (, "The percentage of women working or actively seeking employment grew steadily from the 1950s onward, peaking in 2000". Although the situation was brought by an attempt to improve the economic situation of families, some studies noted that this resulted to a series of conflicts and challenges for the working mothers that are difficult to resolve.
One of the conflicts and challenges can be the issue about, "who will take care of the children, especially the very young ones (0 to 3 ...

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