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Marketing Research Study: Cola Taste Test

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The case study was:
Assume you are reviewing the research data from a cola taste test. Each participant in the experiment first tasted two ounces of Coca- Cola; then two ounces of Pepsi-Cola; and then two ounces of Sam's Choice Cola. A rating of each cola's flavor was made after each taste using a 10-point scale.

1. Assess whether using a 10-point scale was appropriate for this cola taste test research study.
2. Evaluate possible problems associated with this experimental design.
3. Develop an alternative design for this research study.

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The solution is over 250 words and analyzes the use of a 10-point scale when evaluating consumer response to a taste test of cola products from: Pepsi, Sam's Choice and Coca-Cola. The discussion focuses on possible problems associated with the design of the taste test; along with alernatives to gathering consumer data.

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1. In this cola taste test research study, the 10-point scale is not appropriate. What is assigned to each value, and how is each defined? For example, is a 10 "Superior" - with 9 as "Excellent" and other adjectives reflecting a decline as the numbers decrease? How do you explain to consumers exactly what the criteria is for each number on the scale? This system could ...

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