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Pepsi: Marketing Research

Please give me some examples with this.

1. The product is Pepsi

2. Next, in the Product section is a subtopic labeled Product Attributes/Benefits. Identify what you believe to be important characteristics of your product from a consumer perspective, e.g., design, packaging, performance measures, etc.

3. In the sub-section labeled Positioning,

a. List what you believe are TWO PRIMARY ATTRIBUTES on which your business competes (such as durability and power).

b. Create a positioning map showing where you place your branded product relative to its primary competitors on these TWO criteria. Your resource for this task is at http://www.marketingteacher.com/Lessons/lesson_swot.htm


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Product Section

Product Attributes/Benefits:

The important characteristics of Pepsi from the perspective of the customer are its lifestyle attribute that it is cool to drink Pepsi. The next product attribute related to Pepsi is its taste. Other attributes are that it can be enjoyed at any time, its refreshing nature, and its attractive flavor. Other attributes are the degree of sweetness in Pepsi and the association with the brand of Pepsi.

Two primary attributes on ...

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