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Service driven strategies

Does a service-driven strategy promote company growth or retain customers? Will a growth or a retention outcome dominate, and why? Use examples from your own region to illustrate your analysis.

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Every company should strive for good service, and therefore, being service-driven can definitely be beneficial to any company. According to Grey (2012), there are 3 keys to promote a service-driven atmosphere: responsiveness, flexibility, and transparency. Grey (2012) posits that it is important to be responsive because almost no one wants to an unresponsive business owner and no one definitely wants to hire a business who is comprised of unresponsive employees. In my opinion, being responsive to your employees or future business partners will initially set a warmth to customers and invitingness to business partners. Busines partners will be able to sense that the company is service-driven and therefore, see potential on doing business with the company.

Being flexible is important because no one really wants to work with someone that is too stiff all the time. Therefore, it is very ...

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The expert determines whether service-driving strategies promote company growth or retain customers. Whether growth or retention outcome dominate are determined.