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Total Quality Management

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I need help with Service/Manufacture as two selected organizations that have been selected (T-Mobile and Nike) and be sure to include a description of the need for customer-driven quality for each of the organizations. Include a matrix that outlines the differences between the strategic role of TQM within each of your chosen organizations/sectors. Include 2 references.

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//Before writing about the Total Quality Management survey of T-Mobile and Nike, we have to understand the concept of 'Total Quality Management'. It is essential for all kinds of Business Organizations to focus on adopting the total quality standards. It assists in becoming successful in the competitive market place. So, firstly, we will have an idea about it.//

Total Quality Management (TQM):

TQM is defined as a strategy of the management of an organization whose main aim is customer satisfaction and creation of awareness among customers regarding the product quality of a company. The industries that widely use TQM are the manufacturing industry, services industry, education industry and the government industries.

//Above, we discussed about the concept of 'Total Quality Management'. Now, we will discuss about the business of T-Mobile and the need for customer driven quality for the Organization. It will assist in analyzing the business practices of the Company.//


T- Mobile is a mobile network company and also a group of mobile phone corporate subsidiaries. It is a network of T- Mobile Internationals AG &Company in US. In mobile communications, T- Mobile Internationals is one of the world's leading companies. In the world, it is one of the fastest growing national wireless carriers. The company holds a good reputation in the market for providing valuable services to the customers.

Due to globalization, there is a drastic increase in the living standards and customer satisfaction level. Technology changes the requirements of the customer. Therefore, it is necessary for the organizations like T-Mobile to provide better quality products and high quality voice call services to its customers with the latest and innovative technology and good marketing strategies.

Need for Customer-Driven Quality:

As the company deals in network services and mobile handsets, therefore, it becomes necessary for the company to provide products that ...

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