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Segmentation: Grocery Store Product

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Pick an aisle in a grocery store; for example, the cereal or snack aisle, or a specific food (yogurt or baby food, etc.). Analyze the segments that are targeted and be detailed in your response. Provide your rationale with your answer.

Using the same product category, predict what products in your category will be replaced with new products and new segments. Provide a rationale for your choice.

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One of the most segmented aisles in the grocery can be found in the cereal section in my opinion. From health fanatics to children, the cereal aisle provides the consumer with a wide variety of choices to appease different aspects of their life. After reviewing the setup of the aisle I found the following segmentation. On the left hand side of the aisle a consumer could find cereals standard whole grain and glucose free cereals targeting the healthy and elderly. Additionally, manufacturers of these cereals had educational information posted next to the cereals that provided daily health statistics that assist the consumer with their choice. On ...

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