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    Segmentation and target markets

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    At a grocery or drug store what are the segments of a section of products? Do different brands appeal to different segments of people? Try describing these target markets. What type of market research do you think the marketers of these products obtained before positioning their brands?

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    At a grocery store the segments would be of a broader range because people from further distances will come to shop and the size of the store is larger. A drug store is by nature, dependent on their sale of medicine and medical needs and what were previously known as sundry items, so their stock of those things would be larger and of other things such as food, laundry, household cleaning would be smaller. If we look at laundry detergent, then yes, different brands appeal to different people. It is the nature of the product to satisfy different needs of different segments of the ...

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    A discussion of target markets in relation to grocery stores and drug stores. Types, brands, markets, sale figures and buying habits are discussed.