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Marketing Strategy

Crafting a Strategy

Crafting a strategy a. Puts a premium on management's ability to exhibit astute entrepreneurship because of the constantly evolving nature of a company's situation. b. Is primarily an entrepreneurial activity that calls for taking risks, being a keen observer of customer needs and expectations, watching for early warnin

Developing a realistic marketing plan for a client

Work as a marketing consultant to develop a feasible marketing plan for your client. Conduct both secondary (search secondary sources) and primary research (interview customers or conduct surveys) to glean the necessary information for your marketing plan. When conducting primary research, collect only qualitative data (i.e., pe

Challenges Faced by Marketers

1. Provide a recent example of a product you purchased that demonstrates marketing as an exchange relationship. Analyze the 4Ps as it relates to this purchase's exchange relationship. 2. Make an argument for the most important and the least important aspect of the 5Cs. 3. Determine the challenges marketers currently face with

Diversification in Different Strategies

I need help in completing a paper, the focus of the paper is diversification. Include two examples of two diversification strategies, as well as when related diversification would be a good strategy to pursue.

Competing in Several Niche Markets

In your opinion, do larger corporations in several niche markets stand a better chance at competing than a company that has one sole niche? Could you explain me why? Also, do you believe it to be a harder task to determine the profitability of opening a niche market business than a business who has a broad consumer/customer base

Strategic Management - Grand Strategy Matrix

Hello, I am really struggling with this one... Can you please help me to better understand the grand strategy matrix vs the Boston Consulting Group Matrix (BCG)? I need 4 to 5 paragraphs to the following questions with references to get me started. Grand strategy matrix - explain this matrix' advantage and disadvantage.

Guidance for the iphone 6

I need help looking at issues, goals, and marketing strategy of the iPhone 6. Please see the attachment.

Are Marketing Departments Crossing the Line?

I have a question that involves privacy issues. It is the job of the marketing division to analyze through market research what the customers wants and needs are but are they going to far today by tracking everywhere you go and what you purchase? For example your smartphone sends out signals constantly that companies can pick up

SWOTT analysis and strategic choices

Step 1: Create a 5x5 table with the four strategies listed across the top and the four SWOT variables at left as follows for Kraft Foods Group: Low cost Differentiation Focus Preemptive Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats

VF Corporation, Greensboro, NC - Competitive Strategy

I need help identifying the overall competitive strategy (low-cost, differentiation, etc.) of the VF Corporation and creating a comprehensive analysis using their competitive strategy. Also, how does VF's strategy assist in addressing competitive forces (from vendors of substitutes, from new competitors, from exiting rivals) and

Changing globalization operations and business strategies

1. Multinational enterprises (MNEs) have an impact far beyond their firm boundaries. Assume you are working for a small firm that supplies a product or service to an MNE. How might your relationship change as the MNE moves from Globalization 2.0 to Globalization 3.0 operations? 2. What are some drawbacks and risks to a broad

Compensation: Five Priorities to manage sales force activity

The original case study: Two broad goals of a sound compensation plan are: 1) to manage sales force activities and 2) to ensure proper treatment of customers. Apply relevant information to illustrate the top five priorities when creating the best compensation plan for a sales force.

Overhead Reduction Task Force Case

Attached is a PDF case outlining the overhead reduction task force problem, along with a brief overview of one member of the task force. Also attached is an Excel version of the financials presented in the case. Identify the optimum areas of overhead cost reduction based on this information; the problem involves reducing the

Article Review and Analysis

For this assignment, choose a peer-reviewed article to review. Use the databases within the CSU Online Library or use another source that contains peer-reviewed articles. The purpose of this assignment is for you to practice reviewing articles that contribute to the industry. The authors of these articles are researchers and pro

Golden Global Award Case Study

Case Study: Golden Global Award Eye candy Coralius Cosmetics is a global cosmetics manufacturer with annual revenues of $1.1 billion. Its brand of eyeliner, mascara and eye shadow is widely recognized in over 75 countries. Headquarters are in Los Angeles. In the past, Coralius has successfully relied on its country manag

Concepts in Marketing Strategies

You are bombarded by ads and marketing campaigns by the thousands each day. Identify one you think is successful at getting across its message. Analyze it for the elements of a well-executed marketing plan and describe what you learned. Your response does not need to be a dissertation; however, it must highlight the features and

Mass Marketing

Some claim that mass marketing is becoming less significant; others claim that it is not and that there will always be room for large brands that employ marketing programs that target the mass market. Describe what you think is happening with respect to mass marketing and the future of mass marketing in general.

Targeted Marketing and Mass Marketing

I am having troubling distinguishing between targeted marketing and mass marketing. Please explain what led to the rise of each. Also, what are the different market-segmenting strategies companies pursue and why?

Concepts in Strategic Marketing

You are the VP of Marketing for a new electric car company. Your company has the capacity to produce a high-powered sports car; a low-cost, golf-cart-like commuter car; a mid-price family sedan; and a taxicab. How would you decide on which product(s) to launch first in order to establish your company as the leading electric car

Pricing Strategy in a Global Market

What strategies should be considered if a small business is setting prices for a product that is to be exported? How are these strategies different from those used in a domestic market?

Strategic Concepts in Marketing

Using the Internet, television, radios, or a magazine, find a recent ad for a product/service that interests you. Explain how the ad is promoting the product/service. What strategies do you see the company using to make this product/service appear desirable? Is the ad's promotion effective? Reference.

Preying Upon Ignorance in Marketing

In your opinion when marketers use their knowledge of specific target markets, such as minorities, do they prey upon their weaknesses and possible lack of information and exploit them for their gain? Please support your answer with relevant examples.

Foregin Market Entry Strategy for Target

Because entering a new market requires an investment of time and money, and because of the strategic implications of the entry mode, selection must be done carefully. Choose a large and/or international company and explain how you would suggest they move into the country you are writing about.

Marketing Strategy for a New Product Category

Imagine you have been promoted to a brand manager for a frozen pizza. The promotion is a challenge being that sales for the pizza have gone backward three years in a row. Assess what you will need to know or what questions need to be answered before you can size up what is not working about the current strategy. Decide on a c

Changing Marketing Strategy for Netflix

Chose a company that you feel needs a tweak to its marketing strategy and recommend a change. Provide a rationale for your recommendation. In 2011, Netflix made two major blunders that impacted the number of subscribers, revenue, and the stock price: the separation of the DVD business and the increase in subscription fees. As

Saving One Child at a Time Marketing Plan

Continuation of Part 1 Complete the following for your marketing plan: Determine the pricing strategy you will employ along with your justification. Perform a breakeven analysis to determine how many customers you will need to make your business financially viable. Outline your distribution strategy. Determine if there ar

Foundation Skills for Business Leaders

> Explain why you chose this business (Starbucks Coffee). > Identify at least two academic resources from the Library (see attachments) that you will use; along with any other creditable sources you find, to support your strategy recommendation. Look for resources that address the use or future use of the Web in your business