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Establishing Digital Presence

Explain ways a company can establish an online marketing presence. Would you recommend social media such as Facebook or Twitter be incorporated in the marketing strategy? What are the pros and cons of using social media in the non-profit environment?

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Cochran, Tom (2014) said that a company without digital presence does not exist. He suggested that to build a stable foundation, you need to address four unique and interrelated components: content, strategy, design and technology. Of these four components, technology is the most important because "without the proper tools to execute the job, it doesn't matter what your message is, why you are communicating it or what it looks like... you will be unable to connect or engage with your customers without appropriate technology".

If resource is not an issue, you can purchase a web space dedicated to your product or service.

If you want an established online marketing arm, you can tap the services of eBay (buy and sell), eBid ...

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This is a 359-word discussion on how a company can establish online marketing presence. It also mentions dedicated websites, existing marketing sites, and social networking site as online marketing tools.