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Organizational Change: Going Digital

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Think of an opportunity for organizational change in an organization with which you are familiar.
Define a change goal, and outline a strategy and process for accomplishing it. What roles might you play?

What do you think are some of the key challenges facing human service organizations today?

How well are our organizations and professions adapting to a dynamic environment?

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Organizational Change

Organizational change is exactly what it implies - a system-wide change or shift in approaches, strategies & structure or any other function or practice within the organization that has a systemic effect. It is done for the purpose of affecting an outcome or achieving a goal and is usually provoked by a mitigating factor like changes in the environment (i.e. recession, new competition) or new situations that must be addressed and can only happen via a system-wide reorganization, re-engineering, and re-orientation. It is not an easy task to take on but when an organizational change is necessary, it means that the situation or the status qou will not be able to sustain or face the challenges without fundamental shifts in approaches and strategies. It is part of organizational growth and survival to move up to a new level or adapt to a new cycle, trend or social change.

Proposed Organizational Change: Digital Presence

I have observed that in the last decade, a new market has grown in the world wide web. When once people did their shopping by visiting stores, malls and shops 'physically', since the advent of online stores like EBay and Amazon, as technology makes online transactions faster and safer, more retailers join the burgeoning online business and reach more and more people. American families are now connected to the internet not out of a whim ...

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