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    Organizational Formation Variables for an Online Extension

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    I need some help getting started with a report that deals with the following case:

    You are a middle manager of Hotels For All and have three assistants. This is solely a stick-and-brick company so far. Identify some of the key conditions or variables that will be necessary for the organizational formation of the new company they asked you to construct called, HotelsForAll.com. Write up a report to your superiors.

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    Hello! Below are some of my thoughts to help you in preparing the report that would be constructed for the superiors in the above situation.

    Assumptions: I assume the product in question, Hotels-For-All, is an entity that allows for booking of hotel rooms. It is under this assumption that I would provide my feedback.

    Overview: The above situation calls for a move from a traditional brick and mortar format to an online format. I assume that this online entity will have the ability for online commerce (booking of rooms) via the site.

    Key Conditions/Variables needed:
    In order to move to a digital format several things will need to happen:

    -The electronic backbone will need to be developed. This will include appropriate severs ...

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    This solution discussed variables to consider when moving from a trational retail environment (brick and mortar) to an online environment. The example covers hotel/hospitality in 477 words.