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In-store Medical Clinics

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1.Which of the six basic characteristics of services are likely to have the most influence on the way in-store clinics are marketed?

2.Do you think consumers would use search qualities, experience qualities, or credence qualities to evaluate the in-store medical services? Explain your answer.

3. How do you suggest that in-store clinics like MinuteClinic a Take Care manage the service expectations of the consumers seeking medical attention?

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1. The characteristic of perish-ability is the most important influence on the way in-store clinics are marketed. The characteristic of perish-ability means that the consumption has to take place immediately. The service cannot be stored. In a MinuteClinic if the services of the staff are not consumed immediately the services are lost. They cannot be stored. This means that marketing activities of clinics such as MinuteClinic must ensure that patents are there all the time.

2. Consumers will use experience qualities to evaluate the in-stores ...

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