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Marketing and Consumer Taste

Harvard professor Theodore Levitt argued in a 1983 article that the tastes of global consumers are converging and becoming standardized and homogeneous and stated that companies should market the same products in the same ways in all countries. Suppose that the product preferences of cultures and people around the world actually do continue to converge. Identify two products that will likely be affected and two products that will likely not be affected by this convergence. For each product how will the changes influence the marketing manager's job?

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A product that would likely be affected by this convergence would be American fast food, largely due to the fact that it would be unnecessary to continue to develop greatly differing products from competitors, due to the fact that global consumer tastes would be standardized in respect to what their desires from this industry. This change will make the marketing manager's job more difficult, due to the fact that ...

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This solution discusses marketing and consumer taste variables.