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Marketing Strategy

Marketing Research Strategy

My group has started a new international microcomputer company (it's a game); so far, we have not taken the appropriate strategies. For example in marketing, our two brands have received, from our customer segments, poor rating in advertising. Even though we spent a lot of money, the customers prefer our competitor's brands.

Secondary Data: Domestic Marketing Strategy

Assume the role of a Marketing Research for McDonald's. Visit the website of the Bureau of Census. Write a brief summary about the secondary data available from the Bureau of Census that might be useful for the purpose of formulating a domestic marketing strategy.

Marketing Research Study: Cola Taste Test - Pepsi, Sam's Choice and Coca-Cola

The case study was: Assume you are reviewing the research data from a cola taste test. Each participant in the experiment first tasted two ounces of Coca- Cola; then two ounces of Pepsi-Cola; and then two ounces of Sam's Choice Cola. A rating of each cola's flavor was made after each taste using a 10-point scale. 1. Assess w

Service driven strategies

Does a service-driven strategy promote company growth or retain customers? Will a growth or a retention outcome dominate, and why? Use examples from your own region to illustrate your analysis.

Supporting Information on Starbucks Coffee Company

Research the Starbucks Coffee organization and analyze its marketing strategy by analyzing the following specific areas: customer (client) satisfaction, product development, promotional, message and media, pricing, distribution, branding.

Creating a Marketing Strategy

I need a research paper on how a marketing plan makes a product or service succesful and how it led to failure. I need to analyze both of the questions. I also need the paper to research a movie that failed and intial what went wrong with the marketing scheme. The movie would be "Cat Woman" a film that fetaured Hally Berry.The p

Marketing Research: Difference between Qualitative and Quantitative Research

Through a series of different scenarios and multiple choice questions and examples, learn which research techniques belong to marketing qualitative or quantitative research. EXAMPLE QUESTIONS: PART 1 Scenario 1: A marketer is trying to learn about current industry trends to generate ideas for future products. He has pur

Competition Strategy Formulation

Using the objectives below, explain how those objectives apply to your professional field and in the company/business where you work. Reflect on how you have struggled or succeeded relative to those course objectives. Objectives: -Measure an organizations internal and external environments using environmental scanning.

Marketing Research Project

The Course Project is a research report you prepare based on theoretical live research. To complete this project, you will work through the Six Steps of the Marketing Research Process as listed. No minimum word or page requirements. Step 1: Problem Definition - Select a research problem you would like to address. This can

Determining the success of a marketing plan

1. What criteria should be used to determine if a marketing plan implementation was successful? 2. What metrics and tools can be used to assess the successful implementation of the marketing plan? 3. How should the marketing plan be monitored? What circumstances prompt a change in strategy? Who is ultimately responsible f

Developing a Marketing Strategy and Increasing Customer Retention

Hello, I need help developing response to the following: 1. How do organizations leverage partnerships and alliances when developing a marketing product, distribution, promotion, and price strategy? 2. Provide an example with a APA reference an (example) organization that promotes customer retention. What are some specifi

Market Segmentation - Banana Bread Business (Online)

Market Segmentation Segmentation is the key to developing a marketing strategy that satisfies the needs of the customer. My company is a banana bread business, we sell our quick breads online. There are 9 different styles of breads. We have a premium domain name that generate over 1 million hits per Google analytics. This

Amazon and Aldi's Marketing Strategy

You are a marketing executive at a grocery store chain and have been asked by your supervisor to evaluate the positioning of two of your major competitors, relative newcomer Amazon Grocery and ALDI's. Amazon Grocery has over 15,000 non-perishable items, half of which are focused on the organic and healthier food-related products

Marketing and Marketing Strategy

Select two products which you have recently bought or rented, one a "High Involvement" purchase, and one a "Low Involvement" purchase, in the following product categories: High Involvement (expensive or otherwise important): Examples: - Automobile - Home or apartment - Jewelry Low Involvement (relatively inexpensiv

Designing an Entry Level Camera

Hi, I need some major assistance regarding designing an entry level camera. What I need to do is implement a good strategy based on the entry level camera. The goal is to design a product at a reasonable price with a P/Q of 1-2 stars. The problem that I am having with this strategy is how can I design a camera that is of good af

Situational Analysis for a Marketing Plan

I need help elaborating on a Situational Analysis section of a marketing plan I have the SWOT section but need the following sections: SITUATION ANALYSIS Introduction Market and Industry Definition Product Sales History Pervious Performance Vs. Objectives Market/Customer Analysis Market Size Market Growth Market Poten

Marketing Plan for a New Tablet with Scanner

I need help developing a marketing plan for a new tablet that also doubles as a scanner. This means that the tablet would have the ability to scan documents into memory and make them PDF files to be used other places. I need help defining the size and type of company that provides the product. This need not be elaborate but m

Constructing a Marketing Strategy

If a company wanted to promote a new stove for individuals in Nepal to help eliminate respiratory disease and premature death (due to toxic indoor air pollution from burning wood indoors for cooking and light), what should be the marketing strategy and why? Explain the elements of the marketing strategy you purpose in detail.

Promotion Srategy

Promotions strategy for both items below. Compare and contrast the two promotions strategies explaining why you think they would be similar or different. - Coke/ CARBONATED SOFT DRINKS - Pro Form; EXERCISE EQUIPMENT

Shaping the Market Offerings

James, per our discussion: this is what has been created so far. See below. What are the attributes and benefits of your product/service? (Red Bull) How do they relate to your target market? Red Bull is an energy drink that delivers on what it says and its promises. The combination of taurine, caffeine, and B vitamins crea

Market Positioning Strategies

Use Exhibits 4.8 and 4.9 (attached) to assess a firm of your choice. What generic strategy is this firm employing? Are they using a combination approach? What are the advantages/disadvantages of consciously using a generic strategy? Explain your position. (200 word min.)

Implications and Limitations - Marketing Research

Proposed study: "Why the economy produces fear and anxiety in the workplace" Identify and label a minimum of two (2) implications and a minimum of two (2) limitations for the proposed study. At a minimum, answer the following questions: 1. What implications and assumptions are being made regarding the proposed sample and h

Case Study: Transitioning as a New Manager and Problem Employees

Congratulations you have just graduated from KCC and you also have a Certificate of Competence in Management. While in school you were working for a major retailer as a sales associate for 4 years as you worked your way through school. A combination of events has given you a fantastic opportunity. First your immediate supervisor

Foreign Market Entry and Diversification

I need help with the following assignment: Write four to five (4-5) pages in which you follow these formatting requirements: 1. Create an argument for diversification of your business that will be presented to the board of directors or business investors. 2. Develop a strategy for diversification indicating the products an

Developing a Distribution Channel Strategy

1. Discuss the decisions necessary to developing a distribution strategy. What are the major types of channels? Provide an example of each type of channel. 2. How are channel strategies evaluated? Why would channel strategies need adjustment? Provide examples.