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Foregin Market Entry Strategy for Target

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Because entering a new market requires an investment of time and money, and because of the strategic implications of the entry mode, selection must be done carefully. Choose a large and/or international company and explain how you would suggest they move into the country you are writing about.

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I have taken Target as a large company which wants to venture in India. Target is one of the largest retail chains of US and it operates two segments: "Retail and Credit Card. The Retail segment includes all of its merchandising operations, including its integrated online business. The Credit Card segment offers credit to qualified guests through its branded credit cards, the Target Visa and the Target Card. In addition, it offers a branded Target Debit Card (collectively REDcards). As of January 29, 2011, it had 1,750 stores in 49 states and the District of Columbia."
The per capita income of India stood at $ 3290 in 2011, as compared to USA's ...

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